Ten PDF Reader

Ten PDF Reader 8.1

International standard for viewing and managing PDF documents
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TEN PDF Reader is a user friendly software that allows users to read compatible PDF files. It retains the last opened page for each PDF file, which is helpful to users reading e-books.
* TEN PDF Reader basically has all the features of Adobe Reader, but unlike Adobe Reader, Ten PDF Reader loads PDF files extremely fast.
* TEN PDF Reader is the ideal solution for viewing pdf documents, rotate or search PDF documents.
* Single page/ facing/ continuous/ continuous facing viewing mode
* TEN PDF Reader allow you to search in PDF files with or without matching the case.
* Use built in zooming function. Zoom up to 400%
* Associate PDF files with TEN PDF Reader for faster opening
* TEN PDF Reader is a powerful application to rotate pages on your choice
* Supports 'Fit Page' or 'Actual Size' views
* With TEN PDF Reader you can rotate selected pages by 90º increments.

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